Nuclear – Industrial Cyber Security Transformation


One of the World‘s leading Civil Nuclear sites

Business Need

Client required Industrial Cyber Security scalable and repeatable and standardized methodologies applied to their Automation, DCS, SCADA installations.

Our Solutions

  • Perform role of Industrial Cyber Subject Matter Expert for 6month 20man programme.
  • Creation of an Industrial Cyber Security Risk Management Project Methodology.
  • Architected overall Cyber Security Project Plan.
  • Process Technical Team Liaisons.
  • End-Customer Technical Liaisons.
  • Compliance Methodologies to IEC62443, NIST, ANSSI, IS1, IRAM and IS2700x.

Business Benefit

  • Accepted methodologies suitable for 100+ different systems of wide-ranging ages.
  • Compliant risk assessment methodology
  • Compliant information management methodology