FMCG and Chemical Manufacturing

Operational Monitoring – Digitisation Transformation


Proctor and Gamble Dartford.

Business Need

Client required enhanced process monitoring and secure data reporting. Client required statistical process control for FMCG chemicals process.

Our Solutions

  • Consultancy and Implementation Projects for several years
  • Process Information
  • Instrumentation Information
  • Operational Reporting
  • Network Management
  • Validation Reporting
  • Scientific Data Reports
  • Daily Management Reports
  • Process Control Efficiency Reports
  • Project Management
  • OT Systems Monitoring
  • Validation Data Storage

Business Benefit

  • Process Data Points logged and reported.
  • Time-based secure data reporting to P&G Standards compliance.
  • Performance visibility.
  • 1st SPCpro MES in UK
  • Customer delighted