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  •                 Consultant
  •                 Conference Chair
  •                 Conference Speaker
  •                 Trusted Board Adviser
  •                 Global Technical Lead
  •                 Mentor
  •                 Author
  •                 Solution Architect
  •                 Trainer
  •                 Partner Builder
  •                 Innovator
  •                 Business Developer
  •                Compliance Analyst
  •                Risk Assessor
  •                Governance, GRC






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Contact     +44 7909 992786

Vibert Solutions offers senior board level advisory, consultancy, training, workshops and solution services. Threats, Risks, Impacts, Mitigations and Governance are addressed. Experienced with most industries including Critical National Infrastructures, Manufacturing, Utilities, Transport, Automation, Pharmaceutical, Food, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Water, Rail, & Medical.
Your data, your staff, your operations are all at risk. Vibert Solutions helps reduce that risk, enhance your security, and improve your business operations.

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Cevn Vibert
Industrial Cyber Security Consultant & Educator. CITP MIET MIMC MBCS MISA MISSA MISACA aMIISP MIoD 18k Tech-in-Human
I am to help you improve the security of your organisation. Over 25 years of experience in Advising Organisations, Boards, IT SCADA IIoT OT ICS Holistic Integrated Security Solutions, C2, Industrial Cyber Security, 62443, GRC, Emergency Management, Situational Awareness, Industrial Automation and ICS Industrial Information Systems. Manufacturing Production and Industrial Information Solutions, and Critical Infrastructure Protection.
I enjoy evangelising business benefits of this industry, Customer Engagement, linking closely with new customers, training, workshops and ensuring customers are 100% delighted.
At ease with marketing events, speaking, sales to board level or shop floor level, IT high level systems, technologies and a wide range of industries.
I have worked in UK, and places like France, Italy, Norway and Colombia for many systems integrators and blue chip multinationals.

IEC 62443, NIST, 800-83, ANSSI, Cyber Essentials, NIST-D, IRAM, Directive, GDPR, ISMS, NERC CIP, CPNI, Killchain, Risk Assessments, nCipher, HSMs, PSIMs, CCTV, C2, ICS, Rockwell, Wonderware, Intouch, InSQL, Intrack, FTView, FTPC, RSView, RSSQL, RSBizware, FactoryTalk, Siemens, Citect, SCADAReports, Ampla, Schneider, GE Fanuc, Proficy, Microsoft, MSRS, Reporting Services, MSSQL, SQL Server, Industrial Ethernet

Gap Analysis, Compliance, Governance, Requirements Capture Consultancy, Sales, Marketing, Systems Solutions, Workshops, Bringing disparate teams together, Industrial data warehousing, networks, reporting services, presentations, event management.

SCADA, Industrial Databases, Historians, Trackers, Efficiency, OEE, Health Monitoring, Downtime, Product Tracking, Track and Trace, WMS, Links to ERP, MRP, Radio Networks, Industrial Ethernet, OPC

Wonderware, Intouch, InSQL, Intrack, Rockwell, RSView, RSSQL, FTPC, Factory Talk Production Centre.